GerardxDesperation Mixed Drink

Okay, so Dae was talking about how she was going to make a list of drink creations she comes up with and the “pairing” that goes with them, so I decided to kick things off with the first one.


Gerard Way and Desperation

"He’s got things he wants to forget about. So he grabs the first bottle he can get and pours the rest of it into a glass. He cuts it down with whatever else is lying around. And by the first sip he’s already pretty fucking satisfied with the taste of the buzz."

You will need:
- A Pint Glass
- Vodka
- Coffee Liquor
- Coffee
- Creamer (whatever flavor, we prefer French Vanilla) or Half and Half
- Vanilla Extract (if you’re using Half and Half)
- Sugar
- Ice 

To make your drink:
- Pour 1/5 of Vodka into your glass
- Pour 1/5 of Coffee Liquor
- Pour 2/5 of Coffee
- Pour 1/5 of Creamer or Half and Half
- Add a dash of Vanilla Extract if you’re using Half and Half
- Add one to two spoonfuls of Sugar, depending on how sweet you like it

Mix your drink and taste test it. If you prefer something sweeter add more sugar. If you are content with the taste add in as many ice cubes as you desire. Stir and drink

For best results make yourself two or three drinks and down them as quick as possible

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